About Us

  • William (Bill) Masters


Family Owned and Operated

Lake Placid Fruit and Nut Grove is located in Southern Central Florida on a 20 acre site. The farm is co-owned and family operated by William and Lynn Masters, along side Morris and Andrea Corbitt. These two families have a love for harvesting plants and trees that produce nutritious foods and promote good health.

At the grove, they specialize in growing 3 varieties of lychees including the Sweetheart™, Brewster and Emperor. This particular farm is rare for the fact that they have such a large population of the trademarked Sweetheart™ lychees, with approximately 1170 trees on site. Also grown here are two varieties of Macadamia Nuts which include Queen Ann’s and H10.

The Masters and Corbitt Families pride themselves in using the best practices to provide the most nutrient rich crop yields every season. Beehives are kept on the property year round, as well as multiple varieties of trees, to ensure proper pollination and sustainability.